Keeper Series

When denial mixes with obsession, it’s a recipe for disaster …

 “A well written, suspenseful erotic romance that’s hard to find in this day when ePublishing makes it so easy to crank out mindless slam, bam, thank you ma’am plotless quickies.” Reviewer

“I have a book hangover!” Reviewer

“The Keeper Series is an emotional roller-coaster, but it’s a great ride, full of suspense. Warning, the hero is totally alpha and oozes testosterone. And the heroine is certainly alpha in her own right making for a stormy, if steamy relationship with lots of sparks.” Reviewer


Olivia Marshall’s life was idyllic until it all came crashing down ten years ago. Now, she’s looking for a way out from under the crushing reality of the past, and to escape the man who won’t let her forget it.

However, when Jake McCloud careens into her life, Olivia dares to dream of a better future, with him.

But someone else has other ideas …

Nick Moretti saved Olivia’s life all those years ago. They both lost everything that night, and he’s determined not to lose her too. In fact, he’s hell-bent on salvaging what remains of their shared tragedy, hell-bent on making her face him and their past.

But most of all, he’s hell-bent on keeping her where she belongs.

With him.

The old Nick has made a comeback. The drinking has stopped. The rough sex is over. And he’s giving Olivia space. He’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her.

But it’s not going as planned.

Because Olivia is now more emboldened than ever after a trip to Cancun exposes Nick’s selfish agenda, and kicks open the door to something dangerous inside herself.

All the while, Jake grows increasingly frustrated with Olivia’s secretiveness, pushing her to the breaking point. He says he wants everything, even what she’s worked so hard to forget.

She knows what she wants; whom she wants.

But is it already too late?

With her freedom and a new identity, Olivia is experiencing the world on her terms. What she doesn’t know is that two men are hot on her trail.

Jake now knows everything Olivia never wanted to tell him, and he’s desperate to find her. He’s desperate to prove to her that their love can heal her past.

Nick is still blind to his role in creating the dangerous young woman Olivia has become. And he’s dismissed her threat of what will happen if he chases after her.

Will running away free her from her tragic past?

Or make her its next victim?



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