2016 Shelf Unbound Notable Indie Book

2016 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist


“The heroine is a badass!”  Reviewer

“Tucker Williams is my new book boyfriend!”  Reviewer

“Smart, Sexy, and Suspenseful!” Reviewer

*** Romance, Mystery, Family Drama ***

Thirty-eight-year-old Kat James is an ambitious, successful entrepreneur and a New Yorker to her core.

Tucker Williams is an easy-going cowboy with Big Sky country stampeding through his veins. Just the rustic kind of man Kat James would never give a second thought.

But this stubborn, confounding man has pinpointed the precise combination of buttons that raise her ire and spark her lust. He makes Kat’s blood boil–and her body tingle. And exasperation and curiosity get the best of her. Will one hot night between the sheets get Tucker out of her system? Only time will tell.

If there’s enough of it . . .

Because when dangerous family secrets surface, Kat’s days could be numbered; Tucker’s, too. And, together, they will battle a union of madness neither of them could have seen coming. Because family is supposed to watch your back.

But sometimes they stab you in it instead.

(Standalone novel containing adult content and no cliffhanger.)


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