Chain of Title

“Nice to finally have a book where the main character is not only a woman who in her own right is successful, beautiful and extremely sexy but pushing 50! Love it!” Reviewer

“An outstanding read with the right amount of spine-tingling intrigue, and hot, steamy sexual chemistry that reads like a TV series.” Reviewer

“Finally a book for my age group that’s hot and wonderfully written!” Reviewer 

“I wish I could’ve been the man you thought I was, Shay. I–“

Shaking her head, she silenced him with the press of her fingers to his lips.

“You’re the man I need.”

  • A steamy, forty-something romance
  • A handsome, younger man
  • A sexy, older woman
  • An ex-husband who won’t let go …

Thanks to her philandering husband, Shayna Chastain’s twenty-five-year marriage crashed and burned. And, maybe she should thank him. After all, Shayna has turned the gut-wrenching heartbreak into a revival of the abandoned dreams from her youth.

And then there’s the handsome, younger man in her life . . .

Sean Parker owns an Italian restaurant that has become Shayna’s oasis. Their mutual attraction is instant, but the fallout from their relationship will last a lifetime. Because behind Sean’s clean-cut, stylish exterior hides an unsavory past he has no intention of disclosing. What matters to him is right now. And right now, there’s no way in hell he’s going to lose the only woman he’s ever loved. The only woman he can’t live without.

It could all be perfect, if only her meddling ex would get out of the way . . .

Frank Chastain is a steely real estate mogul, who begrudgingly signed the dissolution papers Shayna forced on him. He never wanted to divorce the love of his life, always believed they could work it out. She’ll be back. He’s sure of it. And, now, more than ever, he needs that to be true. Because he needs Shayna to help him seal the lid shut on the secret that’s threatening to destroy him.

When the deadly consequences of secrets and lies shatter Shayna’s world, she will be left to pick up the pieces, alone, once again.

(This story contains content intended for a mature audience.)


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Readers asked, and I listened. The Chain of Title sequel is in progress.

Get ready for action, adventure, romance, and a taste of Singapore.

It’s gonna be a helluva ride…



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8 thoughts on “Chain of Title

  1. Cant wait for the rest of the story. Forgot to tell you I couldn’t put it down. Will definitely leave a five star review.

    1. Wow! I can’t hear that too often, Glenna! I will do my best to make sure the sequel is equally unputdownable. 😉 Thank you so much for your kind words and support. You’ve definitely started my Monday off with a smile. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by to leave your comments, Glenna! I’m so glad to hear that you appreciate an older cast too. And, like you, I also enjoy Jennifer Theriot’s grown-up romance. I’m currently working on the sequel to Shayna and Sean’s love story, so stay tuned for more twists and turns. And if you have the time and inclination, I hope you’ll consider leaving a review on Amazon. Thanks again for taking the time to visit here. 🙂

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