Adult Romance

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Kat James works hard.  She used to play hard, too.  She doesn’t believe a woman can have it all, not without giving up her independence and identity, lose herself to a man and the pressures of family and society.  So, she made the choice long ago to focus on her career, grow her business, and map out a future for herself.  If there is such a thing as having it all, then it’s going to be on Kat’s terms, no one else’s. 

If there’s a man out there who can deal with that, she hasn’t met him yet … 

Enter Tucker Williams.  A man who knows all too well about the twists and turns of life, the ups and downs no one sees coming, the bad things we pretend only happen to other people.  He already knows control is illusory.  So, he’s learned to meet whatever happens head on, confront it without flinching.  Because he knows that’s his only chance of having control over anything, no matter how brief. 

When his eyes set on Kat James, he glimpses a woman who believes she’s in control.  A woman who feels like a force of nature.  A woman who should be wild and free. 

A woman who has forgotten how to be either … 

When family secrets surface, Kat will fight to regain her control and confront the people who’ve yanked her chain all along.  But in the end, she and Tucker will battle a union of madness they could not have seen coming. 

Family is supposed to watch your back, but sometimes they stab you in it instead.

**Adult Content for Mature Readers 18+** 


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Adult Romance
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