Are you a fan of:

  • Love and Romance?

  • Action and Adventure?

  • Mystery and Suspense?

I’ve got you covered …

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… with genre blending stories featuring strong women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

Because there’s no expiration date on living life to its fullest, and learning lessons, at every age.

What Readers Are Saying

  • “I absolutely love this author. Her style just really got to me. Loved Shayna and Sean. I read this book straight through and if you want a mature hero/heroine she delivers. Cannot wait for book 2. This woman has to be on your TBR list. She is definitely on mine! This book has it all.” Review of Chain of Title

  • “Nice to finally have a book where the main character is not only a woman who in her own right is successful, beautiful and extremely sexy but pushing 50! Love it!” Review of Chain of Title

  • “This is one strong willed woman. Loved her. I couldn’t wait to see how her relationship with her ex husband and her new lover ended up! I did not see any of it coming. This is my first time reading something from this author and I would read anything from her again.” Review of Chain of Title

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Nice to see a modern heroine who is strong, smart, and assertive, able to stand up and verbally kick butt. Add in an equally strong and supportive hero with a lot of chemistry between the two. Well written and a pleasure to read.” Review of HellKat

  • “Smart, Sexy and Suspenseful! Reading this book was immensely refreshing and a whole lot of fun!! There is so much to like and so much happening that I never once got bored. Romance, suspense, and family drama are all woven into an intelligent plot. Too often I have to suspend reasonable thinking while reading so I am pleased to report that no brain cells were lost in reading this book!” Review of HellKat 

  • “Wow, what a great book this was! I couldn’t put it down. There were tons of unexpected turns and twists, great character development, and of course an older, feisty female lead. I loved it! I’m looking forward to reading more from this author. Highly recommended!” Review of HellKat

  • “A well written, suspenseful erotic romance that’s hard to find in this day when ePublishing makes it so easy to crank out mindless slam, bam, thank you ma’am plotless quickies. Both characters are intriguing and their opaque pasts draw you in, keeping you turning the page.” Review of Keeper, Book 1 of the Keeper Series

  • “Good writing, good plot full of intrigue, good smut. Enjoying the ride.” Review of Keep Her, Book 2 of the Keeper Series

  • “The Keeper Series is an emotional roller-coaster, but it’s a great ride, full of suspense. Warning, the hero is totally alpha and oozes testosterone … be careful not to get any on you. And the heroine is certainly alpha in her own right making for a stormy, if steamy relationship with lots of sparks.” Review of Free Her, Book 3 of the Keeper Series